The Brewhouse - Inside Out!

Brewhouse theatre edit.jpg

A project that we hold in high esteem this year has got to be The Brewhouse Theatre Mural we painted in Taunton. It was a piece that really pushed us in terms of scale and composition. It definitely has to be up there with the biggest, most successful paintings we have ever done.

We were approached by the theater company in taunton and where asked to produce a large
scale mural reflecting the different arts and performances that happen within the building. The
title for the project was ‘inside out’. After meeting we went away and tried to formulate a plan for the wall, and after much deliberation we eventually landed on a sort of collage theme. Taking little tasters of all the diverse bounty that the theater had to offer. We also liked the idea of a theater being a constantly moving and evolving space so we favoured the aesthetic choice to leave parts of the piece with pockets of colour, to give the work unapologetic bursts of rawness which we felt illustrated this.
Another prevailing theme in the piece was the dancer who is the main focal point. We took her
as a jumping off point for the other ideas we had, viewing her as the energetic force behind the theater whereby all of the creative beauty emerges. She reminded us of a kind of Ganesha style god with some of her arms playing the trumpets, some as a Shakespearean actors and others as drummers. A couple of personal favorite sections in the mural is the Tommy Cooper Fez floating above the skull held by hamlet's hands, and the spaceman being fired out of the trumpet which is a little homage to the movie 2001 space odyssey.

Subsequently to the mural we painted, we were thrilled to be asked back to run a workshop with a group of local foster children. We Held two workshops in which the aim was to create a mural inside the Brewhouse similar to the painting we did outside but with ideas generated by the young people highlighting their interests and art forms they enjoy.
We were amazed by some if the ideas generated and couldn't have been happier with the
dedication and interest that the young people showed towards this project, we were especially
happy with the way they collaborated on certain elements of the painting without our input. This resulted in a mural that we were astounded by, and more importantly the young people were over the moon with.

Four Acres

This week we found ourselves in Withywood, right on the edge of the fine city of Bristol. It's an amazing place, where the city suddenly stops and you find yourself surrounded by rolling green fields. And the reason we found ourselves on the edge of town!?

Because that's where the great kids at Four Acres Academy are! 

We were informed by the head a couple of weeks ago of an up and coming art exhibition the school were having, showcasing all of the creative talents of Key Stage 1 and 2 students, and asked if we could help create 2 collaborative mural's on the themes of London and Bristol.

The children were asked to come up with stencils of characters that they thought would fit into each scene, and we were amazed at some of the idea’s they came up with. From eggs in a birds nest overlooking the Clifton Suspension Bridge, to  pirates on the SS Great Britain. We even managed to get Gromit involved in the action! London also received it's fair share of characters, including some unusual creatures taking trips on the London Eye!

We got off to a windy start on the Wednesday, battling to hold the stencils in place as they were being painted. By mid afternoon the weather took an even more drastic turn and we were rained off by mid afternoon. We knew what this mural meant to the kids, and we knew they had the exhibition opening the following week so we turned up the next dry afternoon that we could and completed the two murals in the nick of time!

We felt there was real sense of accomplishment with the children's stencils dictating the outcome of each artwork. The response we had from the children was brilliant and we were told frequently that “this is the best thing, I’ve ever seen!”. Although we were also called sluggy slug slugs once, but we didn't take it to heart.....................honestly :_(

It was great to see the involvement of such young kids in such a big project, and we really feel they did themselves and their school proud! 

Thanks for having us Four Acres

Big Tesco's and a Skate Park

This weekend was a busy one for us at the Paintsmiths so we thought we'd let you know why.

A year ago we worked with Bradley Stoke Councilor and Youth worker, Graham Baker, helping to run a Street Art workshop during The Bradley Stoke Festival. The Graffiti Art drop in workshop proved to be busier than we could have ever expected, which kept us on our feet till the last minute of the day! He was a pleasure to work with and really understood how to engage the various youngsters to come and get involved. 

So when he mentioned the possibility of working on a larger project for the new skate park, recently made by another Bristol outfit, Wheelscape, we were all ears!

Ask any of the local kids what there is to do in Bradley Stoke, and they'll tell you there's a big Tesco and the Skate Park, and not much else. So it's difficult to describe just how important a space the skate park is for the dozens of kids, teenagers and young adults that use it on a daily (and nightly) basis. 

What we wanted to do, much like in the designing of the skate park itself, is really take instruction from the people who use it. We wanted to hear what ideas they had, what their requirements might be, and what they wanted it to project. The ethos of the park, and it's community if you like. 

We began with a couple of evening workshops at the Skate Park itself, getting to know the guys there, and getting them involved in some basic techniques of using spray paint. Once we had a firm group of interested participants we decided to focus on the ideas. 

There were some great ideas that came up for the Murals, namely the transformation of the old Skate Park, into the new, as well as themes such as nature, and words that symbolised what the Skate Park meant to them. I'm not going to explain too much as I'll post the final photo's up in a couple of weeks once they are installed and they have the grand opening, but we just wanted to say that the two days we have just spent painting the mural with the guys at Bradley Stoke has been a real pleasure. They were fun, but kept their focus, and were happy to do the necessary work as well as the fun work. So all in all, if every workshop was like this, we wouldn't mind working on the weekends ;)

More pics to follow soon!

Thanks for reading


Follow The Fox!

Something very exciting is happening at paintsmiths Headquarters. We can safely say we are used to painting almost every surface on any building, but this massive commission we are currently planning for is one of the most ambitious and community benefitting pieces we have ever painted!


When you think of prisons you tend not to think of creativity and artwork, but Horfield Prison Bristol are trying a new approach to the visitors section. Instead of the intimidating experience of Prison Visitor waiting rooms, and security checks (especially for the younger visitors) Horfield Prison have decided to brighten up these clinical environments, and make them a friendlier, happier, less intimidating ordeal for the children and their parents, who often spend a lot of time there. So who else to call, but The Paintsmiths!


We are having a blast creating our first storyboard which stars a little fox who the children will follow from entrance, through the security checks, then up the staircase, finishing in the waiting room which we have transformed into a busy Bristol high street. On their journey they will encounter lots of fun characters, including some of the sniffer dogs they meet along the way, and even including some of the workers of the prison (who have been turned into cute furry animals of course!) The murals will be interactive with crazy mirrors and areas where the children can even become a character in this bright fun world!


The little fox will be traveling through everyday scenes of Bristol but not quite as you know them! We can't wait to show you the progress with this one, it’s one of the biggest projects we have ever done, and I’m sure it will be one of the most rewarding too!



The Paintsmiths grand unveiling

We’re really exited to announce we’ve gained a new addition to the Paintsmiths team and as such we felt it was time to give ourselves a long overdue rebranding. So we’ve created a shiny new website to showcase what we know is possible with a brush, pen or spray can.

Whatever project your looking to brighten up with a lick of paint, the Paintsmiths are here to turn your concept into reality, whether that be for a company, private commission or teaching the next generation of future Paintsmiths through our workshops. Both of these gallery’s are available to view HERE. we can also help if your wanting to give your Event that Personal touch.

But enough with the past! We are here to unveil our swanky new website, where we will be showcasing our finest artwork. In addition to these awesome pieces we have added a few new pages.

Firstly we have a 'How it works' page in which we guide you through the 4 very simple stages of how we make your idea into a reality. We have also added a 'Press page'. After recent attention from the media we thought it would be rude not to show off some of the press we have been attracting, with the the likes of 'The guardian', 'The Telegraph' and 'BBC News'. 

We are very excited to show you some of our upcoming commissions on this Blog so keep those eyes peeled! If you have a surface or even just an idea don’t hesitate to get in touch Here.

Stay tuned to see us covering the world in paint one piece at a time.