The Paintsmiths grand unveiling

We’re really exited to announce we’ve gained a new addition to the Paintsmiths team and as such we felt it was time to give ourselves a long overdue rebranding. So we’ve created a shiny new website to showcase what we know is possible with a brush, pen or spray can.

Whatever project your looking to brighten up with a lick of paint, the Paintsmiths are here to turn your concept into reality, whether that be for a company, private commission or teaching the next generation of future Paintsmiths through our workshops. Both of these gallery’s are available to view HERE. we can also help if your wanting to give your Event that Personal touch.

But enough with the past! We are here to unveil our swanky new website, where we will be showcasing our finest artwork. In addition to these awesome pieces we have added a few new pages.

Firstly we have a 'How it works' page in which we guide you through the 4 very simple stages of how we make your idea into a reality. We have also added a 'Press page'. After recent attention from the media we thought it would be rude not to show off some of the press we have been attracting, with the the likes of 'The guardian', 'The Telegraph' and 'BBC News'. 

We are very excited to show you some of our upcoming commissions on this Blog so keep those eyes peeled! If you have a surface or even just an idea don’t hesitate to get in touch Here.

Stay tuned to see us covering the world in paint one piece at a time.