Follow The Fox!

Something very exciting is happening at paintsmiths Headquarters. We can safely say we are used to painting almost every surface on any building, but this massive commission we are currently planning for is one of the most ambitious and community benefitting pieces we have ever painted!


When you think of prisons you tend not to think of creativity and artwork, but Horfield Prison Bristol are trying a new approach to the visitors section. Instead of the intimidating experience of Prison Visitor waiting rooms, and security checks (especially for the younger visitors) Horfield Prison have decided to brighten up these clinical environments, and make them a friendlier, happier, less intimidating ordeal for the children and their parents, who often spend a lot of time there. So who else to call, but The Paintsmiths!


We are having a blast creating our first storyboard which stars a little fox who the children will follow from entrance, through the security checks, then up the staircase, finishing in the waiting room which we have transformed into a busy Bristol high street. On their journey they will encounter lots of fun characters, including some of the sniffer dogs they meet along the way, and even including some of the workers of the prison (who have been turned into cute furry animals of course!) The murals will be interactive with crazy mirrors and areas where the children can even become a character in this bright fun world!


The little fox will be traveling through everyday scenes of Bristol but not quite as you know them! We can't wait to show you the progress with this one, it’s one of the biggest projects we have ever done, and I’m sure it will be one of the most rewarding too!