Big Tesco's and a Skate Park

This weekend was a busy one for us at the Paintsmiths so we thought we'd let you know why.

A year ago we worked with Bradley Stoke Councilor and Youth worker, Graham Baker, helping to run a Street Art workshop during The Bradley Stoke Festival. The Graffiti Art drop in workshop proved to be busier than we could have ever expected, which kept us on our feet till the last minute of the day! He was a pleasure to work with and really understood how to engage the various youngsters to come and get involved. 

So when he mentioned the possibility of working on a larger project for the new skate park, recently made by another Bristol outfit, Wheelscape, we were all ears!

Ask any of the local kids what there is to do in Bradley Stoke, and they'll tell you there's a big Tesco and the Skate Park, and not much else. So it's difficult to describe just how important a space the skate park is for the dozens of kids, teenagers and young adults that use it on a daily (and nightly) basis. 

What we wanted to do, much like in the designing of the skate park itself, is really take instruction from the people who use it. We wanted to hear what ideas they had, what their requirements might be, and what they wanted it to project. The ethos of the park, and it's community if you like. 

We began with a couple of evening workshops at the Skate Park itself, getting to know the guys there, and getting them involved in some basic techniques of using spray paint. Once we had a firm group of interested participants we decided to focus on the ideas. 

There were some great ideas that came up for the Murals, namely the transformation of the old Skate Park, into the new, as well as themes such as nature, and words that symbolised what the Skate Park meant to them. I'm not going to explain too much as I'll post the final photo's up in a couple of weeks once they are installed and they have the grand opening, but we just wanted to say that the two days we have just spent painting the mural with the guys at Bradley Stoke has been a real pleasure. They were fun, but kept their focus, and were happy to do the necessary work as well as the fun work. So all in all, if every workshop was like this, we wouldn't mind working on the weekends ;)

More pics to follow soon!

Thanks for reading