Four Acres

This week we found ourselves in Withywood, right on the edge of the fine city of Bristol. It's an amazing place, where the city suddenly stops and you find yourself surrounded by rolling green fields. And the reason we found ourselves on the edge of town!?

Because that's where the great kids at Four Acres Academy are! 

We were informed by the head a couple of weeks ago of an up and coming art exhibition the school were having, showcasing all of the creative talents of Key Stage 1 and 2 students, and asked if we could help create 2 collaborative mural's on the themes of London and Bristol.

The children were asked to come up with stencils of characters that they thought would fit into each scene, and we were amazed at some of the idea’s they came up with. From eggs in a birds nest overlooking the Clifton Suspension Bridge, to  pirates on the SS Great Britain. We even managed to get Gromit involved in the action! London also received it's fair share of characters, including some unusual creatures taking trips on the London Eye!

We got off to a windy start on the Wednesday, battling to hold the stencils in place as they were being painted. By mid afternoon the weather took an even more drastic turn and we were rained off by mid afternoon. We knew what this mural meant to the kids, and we knew they had the exhibition opening the following week so we turned up the next dry afternoon that we could and completed the two murals in the nick of time!

We felt there was real sense of accomplishment with the children's stencils dictating the outcome of each artwork. The response we had from the children was brilliant and we were told frequently that “this is the best thing, I’ve ever seen!”. Although we were also called sluggy slug slugs once, but we didn't take it to heart.....................honestly :_(

It was great to see the involvement of such young kids in such a big project, and we really feel they did themselves and their school proud! 

Thanks for having us Four Acres