The Brewhouse - Inside Out!

Brewhouse theatre edit.jpg

A project that we hold in high esteem this year has got to be The Brewhouse Theatre Mural we painted in Taunton. It was a piece that really pushed us in terms of scale and composition. It definitely has to be up there with the biggest, most successful paintings we have ever done.

We were approached by the theater company in taunton and where asked to produce a large
scale mural reflecting the different arts and performances that happen within the building. The
title for the project was ‘inside out’. After meeting we went away and tried to formulate a plan for the wall, and after much deliberation we eventually landed on a sort of collage theme. Taking little tasters of all the diverse bounty that the theater had to offer. We also liked the idea of a theater being a constantly moving and evolving space so we favoured the aesthetic choice to leave parts of the piece with pockets of colour, to give the work unapologetic bursts of rawness which we felt illustrated this.
Another prevailing theme in the piece was the dancer who is the main focal point. We took her
as a jumping off point for the other ideas we had, viewing her as the energetic force behind the theater whereby all of the creative beauty emerges. She reminded us of a kind of Ganesha style god with some of her arms playing the trumpets, some as a Shakespearean actors and others as drummers. A couple of personal favorite sections in the mural is the Tommy Cooper Fez floating above the skull held by hamlet's hands, and the spaceman being fired out of the trumpet which is a little homage to the movie 2001 space odyssey.

Subsequently to the mural we painted, we were thrilled to be asked back to run a workshop with a group of local foster children. We Held two workshops in which the aim was to create a mural inside the Brewhouse similar to the painting we did outside but with ideas generated by the young people highlighting their interests and art forms they enjoy.
We were amazed by some if the ideas generated and couldn't have been happier with the
dedication and interest that the young people showed towards this project, we were especially
happy with the way they collaborated on certain elements of the painting without our input. This resulted in a mural that we were astounded by, and more importantly the young people were over the moon with.