Bristol Sign - Cabot Circus

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 11.29.28.png

This project was hands down one of the most interesting and experimental pieces we did of 2017, We were approached by cabot circus bristol and where asked to produce a mural upon seven 3D wooden cut out letters that spelled ‘Bristol’ which reflected our energetic and creative flare married up with famous bristol landmarks.

We started the project by digitally mocking up 3 versions of the letters which were later sent off to be judged by the general public on social media sites such as instagram resulting in a winner which we would then paint.

A few weeks went by and the winner was announced, number one won but there wasn't much in it. The work was received really well and we had great comments through the duration of us painting. We could not have been happier with the result of the mural as we felt there was a perfect balance between fractured abstract colourful shapes and the more obvious bristol landmarks such as the bridge. We also felt that having each letter a different colour and having the design wrapping each letter gave a very unique and powerful finish, and overall made the area a far more inviting place to be.

Running alongside the production of this piece a competition was held within Cabot Circus, in which members of the public could take a selfie with the artwork and post on instagram with the Hashtag ‘Gurtlushselfie’ the prize was a £100 shopping voucher.