Second Seven Saints Mural Goes Up!!!!!!

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 17.37.09.png

We have just finished our second mural for the seven saints of st paul's project, A series of 7 murals scattered across the st pauls area depicting 7 influential figures who made st pauls what it is today.

We are back painting in st pauls bringing a huge piece of bristol history back to life with one of the biggest murals we’ve ever created, with thanks to Michele Curtis who’s artwork focuses on the contributions of the African-Caribbean community in Bristol. We have both joined forces to create one of our most successful walls to date!

We started this project last year with a large scale mural depicting Owen Henry who was one of the first of the Windrush generation who moved to Bristol and helped many settle in the area, playing a key role in the bus boycott. This time we are painting another influential figure, Delores Campbell,  who was a foster carer to more than 30 children and a lifelong campaigner for racial equality. “I’m highlighting these very humble heroes. Some people may know their names but not necessarily know they were the driving forces who changed the city and the country for the better,” Curtis says.

We started this piece by collecting a few images from Michele, the portrait of Delores (created by Michele), some Hibiscus flowers ( A wildey used flower in jamaican culture ) and a drawing of a happy family drawn by Michele’s son. (as Delores was a foster carer we felt this was a fitting element.) We then worked our magic and produced a design we both felt did dolores and the community justice.

We then started the painting process, it took 8 days in total and we loved every second of it especially when we got to badly colour in the childrens drawing, really putting our skills to use. We were over the moon with the result and had constant positive feedback from passers by, we even had some relatives of Deloris come past and was a very humbling experience for us. Michael and her son also had a go at painting in the mural and we also brought in a few other people in the community making this piece really feel like a combined effort within st pauls.

While we were painting we were interviewed by organizations such as The Guardian, The observer, Bristol 24/7, The BBC and Bristol Post. who all were blown away with our artwork and proceeded to take photos which spread the word even further on this amazing project.

This project has grown to become part of a gallery show, in which michele exhibited the original drawing we worked from culminating in an exhibition in clifton in the summer.

We utterly enjoyed this piece, we feel we really pushed the boat out with scale and where pleasantly surprised by the reception this piece got. In following weeks since we finished we regularly see people taking photos of this mural and we hope this keeps the history of the site alive.