Tiny Rebel's Not So Tiny Brewery


This summer we began work on one of our biggest challenges yet! Our good friend Brad at Tiny Rebel gave us a call and told us that they were planning to build a huge extension to their Brewery in Newport and that he wanted us guys to help transform the new walls into a weathered industrial looking scene, suitable for the thousands of guests they would be welcoming there over the coming years.

We have been working with Tiny Rebel for a the last 6 or 7 years now and have seen their business go from something quite modest to something quite huge! But they've not lost their ways, which is why they have such a large and loyal following, both locally in Wales, and internationally, having won several awards for their ales, beers and ciders

The idea was the new extension would cater for tours of the Brewery and a large Bar in which people could enjoy the wide selection of Ales and beers they provide, direct from the brewery next door!

Our job involved something slightly different than the normal requests. We were asked to transform white, freshly rendered walls into weathered concrete looking walls. As if they has stood there for decades rather than days! We were also asked to paint similar effects, painting walls to look like rusting metal panels, that would match with the exterior real panels. For this we bought in our good friend Sally, who has been a scenic artist for the last 15 years. She worked with us, and guided us through the best techniques to use to get the effects we needed. As versatile a painters as we are, we are also aware of the vast differences in skills sets between mural painting and complex scenic work, so we love that we have a good arsenal of friends and fellow painters that we can call on to get any job done.

Once we aged the walls, the next job was to re-create a stained glass window, designed by Tiny Rebel, it depicts Brad and Gazz as the saints of Ale, a nice tongue and cheek reference, sat in the 'cathedral' of beer! This was a real challenge, involving hundreds of hours of cutting stencils and painting, but in the end it was all work it, it looked fantastic!

Next we got back on the scissor lifts and painted the front sign. A huge 30m painting that was the first impression as you entered the road. It had to be spot on, and we worked all through the night to make sure it was! Then a few extra paintings here and there to finish it all off inside, and we were done. Three weeks of long days, but it was well worth it!

This was a real labour of love for both us and Tiny Rebel, we worked together closely on this one and we think the results speak for themselves. All topped off with a sit down and a lovely pint. We've worked in worse places!