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We got a call from our good friend Steve from Upfest asking if we could do a last minute job at a secret location in Bristol.

The details were vague and the whole hing seemed to be cloaked in secrecy. We weren’t told what or where, only when at this stage. We agreed and a couple of days later met up with Steve. After signing non-disclosures regarding the job he then explained to us what we would be doing.

It tuned out NassFest, the UK’s premier Extreme Sports and Electronic music festival wanted to make a promo video to announce their exciting new line up for the summer 2019 festival.

We were super excited to be a part of this, so didn’t hesitate to get involved!

On the day of the job we met at the crack of dawn in a disused warehouse in an industrial estate in Bristol. This would be the venue for the job. Inside there had been two walls prepped for us. One was for myself and the other was for Tom (the other half of the Paintsmiths duo).

Tom’s wall was to be painted in collaboration with two of our close painter friends. The theme was pattern based and they masked off various different shapes which would then include bright and vibrant shapes and patterns. This was the backdrop for the stencil which would finally reveal the name of the first headline act, Rudimental !

The whole thing was filmed by a really nice team of camera men and film editors. They were with us in the cold all day but kept their spirits high, filming every part of the process throughout the long day.

I was in a separate room within the warehouse, painting the second big headliner. It turns out it was the one and only Giggs. His management team sent us an amazingly lit promo shot, with a bright magenta under light. It was a real pleasure to paint. Not all jobs are as fun as others, but I left this one feeling like I had a really fun days painting, and I think it reflects that in the final image.

So the Nassfest video went live and here it is. I think everyone involved did a fantastic job with this, and it really built the excitement for this years festival.

The good news is just a couple of days ago we were asked to come back to the cold warehouse and paint the third and final huge headline act. The job was a tough one but we think it looks great. I can’t show you it yet, as the festival are yet to announce it to the public, but I’ll be sure to attach some images and tell you all about it once it’s dropped.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our latest adventures. We have a lot of things planned for the new year so watch this space for regular updates regarding all things paint related! That’s it for now. Off to the next job, every day is completely different in this line of work, and that’s something we love.

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