Step 1) All you have to do is Email us if you have a surface, an idea, or a group of people you would like to get involved with painting.


Step 2) We then discuss ideas and options with you either via email, over the phone, or in person.  To give you an idea of options, they generally fall into the following 3 categories:


A) The students come up with ideas based around a theme or brief which we then translate into a design and paint ourselves. We use the imagination of the kids as inspiration, whilst giving you a professionally finished mural.




B) We run a workshop where we use the students ideas and come up with a design. Then after a tutorial in the basics of spray painting the students  help us to paint the mural. We then add the finishing touches at the end.

Here the children of St Mary's were given the theme of 'Journey's to School'. Together we came up with lot's of ideas including a train filled with their favourite literary characters.

In this example the children at Hillcrest Primary made stencils of sea life and painted them onto the waves.

Here we ran an 'open session' at Upfest, where anyone could drop by and have a go.

C) We run workshops such as 'Team Building Days' or children's birthday parties where the primary focus is on painting rather than a finished mural. This can be done on a large temporary surface made from MDF boards, or smaller boards that could be worked on individually and taken home. These can be ran for specific groups or part of a “drop in and have a go fun day”.




Step 3) Once we have an idea of what you would like to get out of the workshops, we can get back to you with a custom lesson plan and a free quote.


Step 4) We then come in and run workshops, create bespoke designs and paint beautiful murals based on your needs. All of our artists have up to date C.R.B’s and full public liability insurance. We also provide all paints and necessary safety equipment. Have a look at our Workshop portfolio Here.

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